Combo Plans Setup Guide

As a Reseller, you need to take the following steps in order to start selling the Combo Plans to your Customers and Sub-Resellers:

Step 1: Ensure you are selling Combo Plans. Learn how

Step 2: Set your Selling Price for Combo Plans. Learn how

Step 3: If Tax is applicable to the Combo Plans in your Country, you may use our Tax Engine to collect it from your Customers and Sub-Resellers. Learn how

  • If you are not signed up for any of the products included in the Combo Plans, you will be prompted to sign up for these products.

  • In case the hosting plan included in the Combo Plans is not present under your Reseller account, the system will automatically create the required plan for you.

  • If a product you are trying to discontinue selling is part of a Combo Plan, you will have to discontinue selling the Combo Plan before setting the product to No New Orders or Do Not Sell